Sometimes the universe gives you an unexpected gift. And sometimes, that gift is 200 sheep in your backyard. 

Scott Russo got to experience what it's like to have to wrangle sheep after 200 of them wandered into his Lincoln, California backyard last week. Luckily, he got the whole thing on video. 

"I don't know what to do," an exasperated Russo says in the video, following the sheep herd as they try to munch on his grass while showing no desire to leave the fenced-in paradise. They did not respond to the shouted pleas of, "Everybody out of the yard," or "Get off my lawn!" 

The sheep are a usual presence behind Russo's backyard — the city deploys them to clear the overgrowth to help prevent wildfires. Russo and his wife, Erin, had opened their back gate to give their daughters a better look at the grazing animals and accidentally left it open.  

“They quickly shuffled in and before we knew it, in the blink of an eye, there were hundreds in here and we just didn’t know what to do,” Erin Russo said in an interview with local affiliate CBS13.

Eventually, they got the sheep out of the yard with a tambourine, a trampoline and some teamwork. 

View the video below. It offers some helpful tips if you ever, somehow, find yourself in this situation. 

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