Labrador retrievers have been the most popular dog breed in the United States for nearly three decades, and the versatile, gentle breed stayed atop the rankings for American Kennel Club registrations again in 2018, the AKC announced Wednesday.

The Labrador retriever’s popularity began in the 1970s, creeping up the list of top ten breeds until claiming the number 1 position in 1991. The breed, which comes in coat colors of black, yellow and chocolate, has remained the most popular breed ever since.

Following the Lab on the list are:

2) German shepherd dog

3) Golden retriever

4) French bulldog

5) Bulldog

6) Beagle

7) Poodle

8) Rottweiler

9) German shorthaired pointer

10) Yorkshire terrier

These are the same top 10 breeds as last year, with the only change being a flip of positions between the German shorthaired pointer and the Yorkie.

The German shorthaired pointer has been quietly edging its way up the popularity list the past decade. The ninth-place position is its highest since becoming recognized in 1930.

On the other hand, Yorkie registrations have been falling over the past decade. The breed was the second most popular breed in the U.S. as recently as 2008.

Breeds that didn’t make the top ten but are becoming more popular include the Pembroke Welsh corgi, at number 13; the Siberian husky, at number 14; and the Australian shepherd, at number 15. All three breeds have shown a significant jump in registrations over the past decade, the AKC said.

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