Yes, those photos and videos of clear blue ocean water in Galveston are real

If you’re a native Texan (or even a transplant) you know the sad truth: beaches on the Gulf Coast are pretty brown. 

But thanks to a shift in currents, this week the water in Galveston has been clear blue.

The National Weather Service says it’s due to ocean currents pushing river sediments further up the coastline.

A marine biologist told Houston TV station KHOU that spring rains often send mud from area rivers into the gulf, and currents bring even more mud from the Mississippi River. But this year, those currents shifted and brought water from the south -- meaning less mud.

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Unfortunately, the brown water will be back soon, when the currents switch. But the brown water isn’t all bad -- it feeds the ocean life.

But until then, enjoy it, Texas! 

Just, uh, don’t get your Jeep stuck in the water like these folks did.

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