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Have extra time this holiday season? Check out these 6 local El Paso podcasts

Anthony Jackson
El Paso Times

Do you have extra free time this Thanksgiving weekend? Why not check out some of these local El Paso podcasts. 

Annie's Adventures

For the past nine years, Annie Perez, has used her Facebook and Instagram pages to highlight all that El Paso has to offer. Three years ago Perez plunged into the world of podcasting. 

From new businesses and artists to hiking and leisure spots, Perez, the host of Annie's Adventures, hopes to give her listeners a different side of El Paso. 

"I heard everybody talk a lot of crap like places: 'There's nothing to do. It's a dark pit of nothingness. It's a trashcan.' I've heard it all from everyone like locals, out of towners, military and construction workers," Perez said. 

Annie's Adventures podcast.

For almost a decade, Perez has helped El Pasoans find the best deals on places to shop, get food and even helped suggest where El Pasoans should take a trip. 

"Almost nine years later, and seeing how much love there is for the city and its representation is just amazing," Perez said. "It fills my heart. It's awesome."

Listen to her weekly podcast at this link:

Check out their Instagram: @anniesadventuresep

Check out her website at

The Words on Fire podcast

Are you looking to laugh and feel like you're hanging out with your friends talking about topics that may be less than popular or considered taboo? Then this might be the podcast for you. Co-hosted by three friends who go by their podcast names: Kujo, Jules and Vince.  

Their topics aren't for the faint of heart. Before each episode, they share a warning that the show uses explicit language and may talk about content that may not be suitable for children.

The Words on Fire podcast.

 "We don't want to be professional," Kujo said, adding that they like to develop the conversation organically and go where it takes them. 

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The Words on Fire podcast releases an episode every week and regularly invites local guests from local dominatrixes to political candidates and everything in between.

Listen to the podcast at this link:

Check out their Instagram: @thewordsonfirepodcast

Check out their website at:

The El Paso City Beat podcast

Too busy to read about what's happening politically in the city of El Paso? Then check out this podcast, hosted by Richard Genera, a candidate for District 5 of El Paso's City Council.

Genera started the podcast after the 2020 election because he was frustrated with the lack of political awareness and action in El Paso.

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"El Pasoans are not generally engaged with their local politics unless something's really upsetting them," Genera said. "But the problem is that those gaps, those lapses of time, where people disengage is what allows problems to come up." 

The El Paso Beat podcast.

Genera sits through hours of El Paso City Council meetings, so you won't have to. 

New episodes generally come out every week.

Listen to the podcast at this link:

Check out their Facebook page at:

The El Paso Creatives Podcast Show.

The El Paso Creatives Podcast Show

Hosted by El Paso local Isaac Hernandez, the EP Creatives Podcast Show is recommended to anyone passionate about creativity.

Every week, Hernandez features a local artist, musician, creative entrepreneur, photographer, and others involved in the local creative scene to guest star on his show. 

Hernandez, who owns a marketing company, said he wants his podcast to uplift local artists and creatives.

"We all got to work together; we all got to grow together in order to have success in the end," Hernandez said. "It's a podcast that tells stories for artists."

Hernandez said he talks with other artists on his podcast about their inspiration for specific pieces and their creative process to help unravel the different challenges that artists and creatives go through. 

New episodes are published every Thursday.

Listen to the podcast at this link:

Check out their Instagram: @elpcreatives

Here are some other podcasts we think you should check out:

Forgotten: The Women of Juarez

Forgotten: The Women of Juarez investigates who is responsible for femicides plaguing the streets of Ciudad Juárez. 

This podcast talks about very heavy topics and may not suit young listeners. 

Listen to the podcast at this link:

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Leyendas Legendarias

Launched in March 2019 by a couple of friends in Ciudad Juárez, it has become one of the most-listened-to podcasts in Mexico with a growing international following.

The show delves into tales of the supernatural and occult in a crude and humorous style. Leyendas won best Spanish-language show in the 2021 iHeartRadio Podcast Awards and has nearly 700,000 followers on its YouTube channel. The show's creators began a partnership with Netflix Latinoamérica this year to produce a series of online videos called Expedientes N. 

Listen to the podcast at this website:

Link to Netflix Latinoamérica:

El Paso Times Reporter Mónica Ortiz Uribe contributed to this story.

Anthony Jackson may be reached at and @TonyAnjackson on Twitter.