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Hard to brie-lieve: Cheeselandia won’t return to SXSW this year

Amanda O'Donnell
Cheeselandia, a cheese-filled exhibit from Wisconsin Cheese returned to 2019 SXSW on March 12, 2019 at the JW Marriott Hotel in Austin. The exhibit featured thousands of pounds of cheese, including that Ferris wheel, gourmet fondues, and fried cheese curds. [Suzanne Cordeiro for AMERICAN-STATESMAN]

Sadder things have happened, sure. But, the saddest news out of the pre-South by Southwest 2020 fanfare so far is that there will be significantly less cheese than in recent years.

Cheeselandia, which first popped up at SXSW in 2018, confirmed in a tweet last month that it will not be returning to the festival this year. The company, which works to promote specialty Wisconsin cheeses across the country, offered SXSWers a 70-foot-long cheese board in 2018 and a festival themed cheese world last year.

Hey @NossBoss! We sadly won't be attending SXSW this year, but fear not—we'll continue our cheesy tour 'round the nation and more 'gouda' surprises are in store... so stay tuned!

— Cheeselandia (@Cheeselandia) January 9, 2020

Both activations proved wildly popular, with lines often forming to get in.

Please come back next year for #SXSW @WisconsinCheese Everyone is talking about this and how amazing your event is #sxswisconsin #cheese #SXSW2018 #food

— Wootang (@klienomad5) March 14, 2018

Who wins @sxsw? The @WisconsinCheese team who pulled off World’s Longest Cheese board. It’s incredible and I may go back and sleep there tonight just to do it all over again tomorrow. All the goods on IG and FB Live :) #SXSWisconsin

— Lisa Grimm (@lulugrimm) March 13, 2018

What’s happening? HEAVEN IS HAPPENING. #SXSWisconsin @WisconsinCheese I love you forever.

— Daniel Ramirez (@neftalirr) March 12, 2019

If you’re really after the cheese, though, Cheeselandia has promised more stops on its tour around the country, which it announces both on its website and Instagram.

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