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Behold: Marfa’s new, light-up stonehenge-type thing!

Joe Gross
Stone Circle (photo: Freedom Solar)

OK, Marfa, Texas, doesn’t take much more than a long weekend to look around and maybe eat a taco or something. 

But we are always here for some good ol’ Marfa weirdness, including this story reported by the fine people at Wired about, well, “one man's mysterious vision.”

Artist Haroon Mirza trucked in “nine massive chunks of quarried black marble” from Mexico, then “craned (them) into a circular formation, echoing Stone and Bronze Age erections in the British Isles.”

Then he put a solar array on one and tricked out the others with lights and speakers.

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Mirza says he was inspired by “a 4,000-year-old site in Derbyshire, England, known as the Nine Ladies.”

Designed as a mix of the very old and the very now, Mirza’s installation’s called Stone Circle and is sponsored by Ballroom Marfa and renewable-energy company Freedom Solar.

According to the piece, “Freedom Solar donated half the installation up-front and rebated additional money for every new solar customer that Ballroom Marfa referred. This incentivized local supporters of the project to experiment with solar panels on their homes and to talk about solar power with their neighbors. Rhe project has recovered nearly the entire cost of the installation, and at the same time increased solar kilowatts generated in and around Marfa by 3,000 percent.”

The whole thing sounds absurdly cool. Check out the story here and read up on the circle here and here.