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Get cheesy in Wisconsin

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Pick up a cheese hat, cheese T-shirt, cheese tie or other cheesy souvenirs at Renard s Cheese in Sturgeon Bay, Wis. They make a mean grilled cheese and pizza, too. Helen Anders for American-Statesman

Here in Northeast Wisconsin, fried cheese curds are on virtually every restaurant menu, and grilled cheese sandwiches are on most. Cheese tops not just pizza and burgers, but also soups, salads and hash browns.

So I supposed it shouldn’t have surprised me that the bloody Mary at Kitty O’Reillys Irish Pub in Sturgeon Bay arrives topped with narrow strings (“whips,” they call them) of mozzarella cheese. Or that, according to the locals, some bars serve drinks with speared cheese curds.

There’s simply no such thing as too much cheese in Wisconsin.

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