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This Dallas dog sentenced to death is getting a new leash on life thanks to Austin Pets Alive!

Katey Psencik
A GoFundMe raised more than $11,000 for Lamby's rehabilitation.

An Austin rescue group is working to save a Dallas dog sentenced to die after biting a boy in the face last month.

The Labrador mix, named Lamb of God or “Lamby” for short, belonged to a panhandler in Deep Ellum who used the dog to collect spare change from passers-by, according to the Dallas Morning News. Lamby was sentenced to death on Nov. 20 after she “took a few chunks out of the left size of [the boy’s] face,” which was the third time she’d bitten someone, the DMN reports.

A municipal judge deemed her “dangerous” and sentenced her to be “destroyed” within 10 days, but the people of Deep Ellum said Lamby’s owner is to blame after he mistreated her.

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“She's the yellow Labrador stuffed into a stroller or jammed into a milk crate tethered to the handlebars of her owner's bicycle. Lamby usually has sunglasses and hats strapped to her head. Each Christmastime Baugh dresses her up as Santa. Anything to help [owner Sean] Baugh attract the attention of tourists from the suburbs and make a quick buck off his dog's back,” the DMN’s city columnist, Robert Wilonsky, writes.

So Dallas attorney Brad Lollar (and nearly a dozen Dallas lawyers) decided to intervene on Lamby’s behalf, and local pet activists started a petition and a GoFundMe to spread awareness and help Lamby.

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On Monday afternoon, the same judge who sentenced Lamby to death decided she’d be sent to Austin Pets Alive!, a no-kill shelter.

According to KVUE, Lamby arrived in Austin on Tuesday, and APA will work to rehabilitate her.