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Pets of the Week: June 29, 2015

American-Statesman Staff

Austin Animal Center

Walker(ID A693942)

8 year old Labrador mix, male

Calm, easy going senior needs home! Walker arrived at AAC last December! He recently spent time in foster but she needed to return him to AAC. Here are some great notes on his behavior: “Walker was a great dog and house guest while he was with me. He was calm and non-destructive when left home alone. Around the apartment, he would follow me around and lie down wherever I was sitting.”

Judy (ID A689515)

2 year old Pit Bull mix, female

Judy has been with Austin Animal Center over 260 hundred days! Judy LOVES to play fetch with a tennis ball and she is very good at returning it right to your feet. She is very focused and can fetch for a long time so bring your pitching arm! Judy would make an excellent running or hiking buddy because she has loads of energy! Judy loves the water enjoys swimming in Lady Bird lake! Come meet this active Austin girl and start the adoption today!

Peaches(ID A705678)

11 week old Cream Tabby, female

Beautiful and social Peaches here is an excellent example of the hundreds of kittens we have available at Austin Animal Center. Come visit us today and the adoption fee will only be $25 dollars!

Ashley(ID A705875)

9 week old Silver Tabby, male

AAC is filled with kittens!! Ashley stands out because of his beautiful and usual markings!

Pebbles(ID A590144)

9 year old Rottweiler mix, female

Pebbles is a  gentle little doll who wants nothing more than to cuddle with her human… all day long! She has been with Austin Animal Center and now in foster over 316 days!! Once you meet her you will know why she comes with a warning: she steals toys and hearts!

Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary

Angelo Blue

1 year old, Male, Domestic Shorthair

Hi, there! My name is Angelo Blue but my friends just call me Blue. I am looking for my forever home. I am a very independent kitty. I’m a lover, not a fighter, and am also pretty laid back. I’m not that big on being carried around but will sit in your lap sometimes. I enjoy the company of other kitties very much because I love to play and be silly. I live with several dogs and like them a lot, too.


6 years old, Female, Domestic Shorthair

Say hello to Claire! This lovely lady is looking for her forever home. She was rescued from the streets of Austin. Life on the streets was hard but Claire is very affectionate, good natured and an absolute purr machine! Claire is active and smart. She is missing three canine teeth, a result of life on the streets. She gets along fine with other kitties. She knows two other dogs and gets along with both and sometimes chases one around the house. What Claire wants most in her forever home is a nice couch or chair to curl up in, regular meals and someone to love and to love her.


3 years old, Female, Domestic Shorthair

Mary is a sweet black cat with big golden eyes who was rescued from a bad situation. She’s a quiet girl who prefers people to other kitties. She likes being petted a lot, especially on her back and near her tail. As you can see from her photo, she also loves snoozing in the warm sun up on the cat tree out on the screened-in porch. Mary would appreciate a calm forever home and would not mind at all being the only pet.


Female, Domestic Shorthair

Queenie was left behind when her person passed away. She likes people and follows them around for attention. Queenie has adjusted well to new situations. She’s an adult cat, age unknown, spayed, vaccinated, and ready for a new home.


11 months, Female, Mix

Hi, my name is Piper and I am looking for my forever home. I was abandoned as a younger puppy and had a hard time because no one wanted me. But I’m happy now that I have a foster home and I am excited about finding a home where I’ll belong for good! I am a very spirited pooch and I love to run and play! I am great on a leash and we can have fun walks and jogs together. I have met some other dogs and children and I think I would love to play with them.

Austin Pets Alive!


Weimaraner, female, 7 years, 4 months

Quest is gentle, playful and sweet tempered. She enjoys the company of people and would very much like someone to take her for a walk. Her constant tail wagging says, “I’m glad you’re with me, let’s have fun together exploring.” This gorgeous girl waits calmly and happily for her leash to be put on, then she is ready to go. When the walk is over, some time playing ball would suit Quest just fine before chilling out for the evening. Quest is a stop and smell the roses kind of girl who meets people and other animals easily. She is open to trying new things when she is with her family or her special someone.


Pit Bull Terrier/Lacy, male, 5 years, 2 months

Chachi is a sweet boy who is eager to learn in exchange for bits of hot dog, but he would rather snuggle up in your lap and generously dole out kisses. This boy has a medium energy level and and will appreciate an adopter who will take him on a daily walk around the neighborhood. A staff and volunteer favorite, he has been getting plenty of help with his manners and leash skills and has shown himself to be an eager and fun student. After he’s gotten his exercise, he’d love nothing more than to lie down and watch a movie with you.


Australian Kelpie, female, 9 years

Are you looking for a dog with prior experience on her resume? Sadie is supposed to be entering her doggie golden years, but it doesn’t appear that anybody sent her the memo. She is healthy and fit, and has a good amount of energy for a dog her age. Now in foster care, she adores her human friends and wants to be with them at all times, showering them with affection, giving kisses and asking for petting and belly rubs. She is delighted to be invited to cuddle in bed. Sadie would prefer to be the only dog but is currently successfully sharing her foster home with a cat.

Ellsworth 5

Manx, male, 1 year, 3 months

Ellsworth is a cute little cuddle monster with some special needs. He was born incontinent which requires helping him express his bladder. This is easy to do and learn. He was also born with a rear leg deformity that gives him the gait of a hopping bunny. None of this stops him from his quest of being a cute, playful and loving kitten. Ellsworth would do well in any home with a caretaker committed to his special needs.

Texas Humane Heroes


Domestic Shorthair/Mix, female, 4 years

Meet Capeice! Her name is as unique as her personality! She’s the type of cat that will meet you by the door when you come home, a loyal little girl! She’s a very fun and outgoing cat who loves to explore and look out windows. She has to know what all the buzz is about for everything. She would make a great companion to any family that would spend time with her, playing and cuddling.

Miss Kitty

Domestic Shorthair/ Mix, female, 11 months

Howdy, I’m Miss Kitty! I am a sweet and down to earth young lady. I love quiet cuddles and warm snuggles. I enjoy being admired by my people and showering them with affection as well.


Border Collie/Mix, male, 3 years

Meet Granger! Granger is a great boy that loves people! He would do best with a family that has older children in the home but will shower his people with all the love he has to give. He knows many tricks and is very loyal. He would make a great dog for many homes, especially yours!


Terrier/Mix, male, 2 years

Eli is a sweet little dude who loves to play with his canine buddies. ELi would be great in any home environment and with respectful children of all ages.


American Staffordshire Terrier/Hound, female, 1 year

Meet Ariel! Ariel is a quiet girl that loves spending time with her people. She is very sweet and loving and enjoys pets, cuddles, and snuggles. She would do well in a home as the only pup so she doesn’t have to share your love. Be a Hero…Adopt Ariel!