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Austin-based Lillian's Salad Dressing hits Central Market shelves

Addie Broyles
Austin 360
Lillian's Salad Dressing is a family recipe of company founder Barbara Geller.

Barbara Geller's grandmother made a memorable garlic-filled salad dressing for many decades of her life. 

Geller, a nurse practitioner in Austin, remembers eating it since she was a child in San Antonio. As an adult, she found new ways to use it, such as tossing with roasted vegetables or marinating meat and tofu. "The only thing it doesn't go with is ice cream," she says. 

For the past several years, she has been making and selling the dressing, first sold by word of mouth and then at the Pedernales Farmers Market. A 16-ounce bottled version of the sugar-free, gluten-free dressing is now sold in neighborhood stores, including Thom's Markets, Dia's Market, Royal Blue San Antonio and Hoekstra Bros in Spicewood, and as of late May, the product is in Central Market stores across the state.

Each bottle contains over 2 tablespoons of freshly pureed garlic, Geller says, so it's important to shake it well before serving. You can find out more at