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New dumplings from Loving Libbie's; now-closed food trailer launches kimchi line

Addie Broyles
Austin 360
The Loving Libbie Foundation recently released its frozen chicken and dumplings, which is now for sale at H-E-B and raises money for children and their families who are dealing with life-threatening illnesses.

Another comfort food classic from the Loving Libbie Foundation has hit the freezer aisle at H-E-B. 

The nonprofit that supports families whose children are experiencing life-threatening illnesses started from Becky Nichols' West Austin cafe, which she used to make mac and cheese and chicken and dumplings to drop off at Dell Children's and a nearby cancer treatment facility. That mac and cheese hit grocery stores last year, and this month, H-E-Bs around the state started carrying Nichols' Loving Libbie chicken and dumplings ($3.35 for 10 ounces), which you can also find the frozen section. 

The Loving Libbie Foundation recently started selling its frozen chicken and dumplings at H-E-Bs across Texas. On the day the product launched, the nonprofit delivered samples to staffers and families at cancer care facilities at and near Dell Children's Medical Center.

On the day the product launched, Nichols and her team delivered boxes of the frozen product to several medical care facilities in Mueller. Using the proceeds from the frozen food sales, Nichols continues to drop off meals (and birthday cakes) to patients, families and staff at local children's medical facilities. She also has a food truck, which makes appearances from time to time at the hospital. During the coronavirus pandemic, she's been dropping off groceries for families who can't easily get to the grocery store.  

The owner of Kimchi Jon's food trailer closed the street food business a year ago and has since launched a line of kimchi and other kimchi-related food products.

Kimchi Jon's launches new line of kimchi

Kimchi Jon's served Korean street food from 2018 until late last year.

Owner Zach Miller never reopened the trailer after the coronavirus pandemic began and instead decided to open a new kimchi company.

Miller's smoky kimchi "is as close to Grandma’s kimchi as you’re going to find on this side of the hemisphere,” he says. The original kimchi ($8 for 16 ounces) is currently available at Royal Blue Grocery, Vista Brewing and Rockstar Bagels, which also sells a kimchi cream cheese. Kimchi Jon's plans to soon launch vegan options, hot sauces, a kimchi barbecue sauce and more. 

Kimchi Jon's is a new line of kimchi made in Austin.