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Blue Bell's iconic ice cream sandwiches are finally back in stores

Addie Broyles
Blue Bell has brought back its popular ice cream sandwiches, which haven't been sold since the company's 2015 ice cream recall. [Contributed]

Ice cream sandwiches are more than 100 years old, but the ones we know now — with the chocolate wafers and vanilla ice cream inside — date back to at least the 1940s, when a man named Jerry Newberg sold them at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh.

Those soft wafers that help you hold a slab of vanilla ice cream continue to be a popular treat, and starting this week, Blue Bell's ice cream sandwiches are back in stores. According to a company rep, the sandwiches are available in some stores right now, but they will be more widely available in H-E-B and Walmart stores next week.

The company stopped producing ice cream sandwiches after the 2015 listeria outbreak and recall that shuttered the company's production for several months. In recent years, Blue Bell has slowly reintroduced some of the dozens of flavors they've sold over the years, as well as some brand new flavors.