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Texas ice cream shop made a crawfish flavor, a very Texas thing to do

Eric Webb
Red Circle Ice Cream in Houston made a crawfish flavor using real crawfish, butter, garlic and cayenne pepper. [Contributed by Red Circle Ice Cream]

Hey, little mudbug. How'd you end up on that ice cream cone?

Texans love their crawfish. What with it being crawfish season and all, you've probably even been to a boil or two this year. But instead of potatoes and corn on the cob, one Houston business decided that ice cream would be the perfect complement to the beloved crustacean.

Red Circle Ice Cream unveiled its crawfish-flavored ice cream last week, and the pictures posted to social media show that they really meant business.

"It's CRAWFISH season so we had to do it...CRAWFISH Flavored ICE CREAM!!!" the shop captioned one photo. The giant crawdad in the picture does not come included, though.

According to an interview with Fox 26, the ice cream is actually made with crawfish (Red Circle's Nickey Ngo told the station that the mudbugs are cooked down to achieve the flavor), as well as butter, garlic and cayenne pepper.

Ngo says the crawfish flavor is still on the Red Circle menu. They had originally only planned on serving it last weekend, but it's sticking around for an undetermined amount of time due to demand.

In other words, you might still have time to get in your car and hit the highway. Ordering a scoop of ice cream sounds like so much less effort than peeling a boiled 'bug.

[h/t Eater Houston]


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