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Wrap yourself up like a burrito in a tortilla blanket

Abigail Rosenthal
Picture yourself wrapped in a toasty tortilla, except it's also a blanket and you aren't burrito filling. Stock photo via Pixabay

Ever pulled a hot tortilla off the comal and thought that life would be almost perfect if you could wrap yourself up in it? Or do you frequently wrap yourself in a blanket and pretend to be an actual burrito? It won't quite be the same thing, but you can fulfill those dreams by getting your own blanket that looks like a tortilla.

Reddit user u/Kotaay posted a collage of the burrito blanket showing it in three different states of being, complete with griddle marks and coming in a perfect circle. It proved to be a very popular idea. Burrito filling always has seemed very cozy -- why not achieve maximum coziness in a tortilla blanket?

Burrito blanket fromr/INEEEEDIT

No telling where u/Kotaay got that particular blanket, but there's a very similar one available on Etsy, and there's one on Amazon that comes in three different diameters. is also an option, though they're currently sold out.

If you're more partial to corn over flour or towels over blankets, Walmart has a corn tortilla beach towel so you can take your love for tacos everywhere, including the beach or pool.

Tip: for some semblance of authentic tortilla toastiness, toss the tortilla blanket in the dryer for a few minutes before rolling yourself up in it. Happy wrapping.