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With new to-go packets, you can keep Yellowbird Sauce in your bag, swag

Addie Broyles
These mini Yellowbird Hot Sauce packets are available online or at Rabbit Food Grocery. [Addie Broyles/American-Statesman]

The San Marcos-based Yellowbird Sauce has been around for about 5 years, and this year, the company decided to get small.

By small, I mean mini. As in, a single-sized serving.

The popular hot sauce, which is notable for its bright color and minimally processed ingredients, first debuted in 9-ounce squeeze bottles, and then they added smaller 2.2-ounce sizes. As more flavors came out, the company continued to push these small and large bottles, but now that they have five hot sauces on the market -- the original habanero, as well as ghost pepper, blue sriracha, serrano and jalapeño -- the company has added 12-gram packets that don't have to be refrigerated and can travel anywhere.

The size and design of these little packets remind you of the hot sauce you might get at a fast food restaurant, but they are filled with Yellowbird's top notch hot sauce, which have no added sugars.

You can buy them online ($10 for 30 or $45 for 200) or in some retail stores, including Rabbit Food Grocery.