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Video: Watch chef Jason Stude prepare for his appearance on ‘Chopped’

Staff Writer
Austin 360

Second Bar + Kitchen chef Jason Stude won $10,000 on the food Network’s “Chopped” this week. But he didn’t walk in without a little practice.

So, what goes into preparing for one of those reality cooking competitions you see on TV? For Stude, it was a practice competition among cooks from the Congress family.

Congress executive chef David Bull administered the competition, introducing the mystery baskets of chicken skins, sweet potatoes, coffee beans and instant yeast to the competitors.

Stude created chicken-skin wrapped sweet potatoes with sweet potato hay and a coffee-chile aioli. He was good enough to beat his opponents on TV, but did he win the competition back home?

Watch the video and find out. (As with most kitchens, there are some cuss words in the video, so viewer beware.)