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The Alamo Drafthouse salad tray nightmare is over, the bowls are back

Matthew Odam

Serving dishes. That may seem like a small detail to some, but ask Alamo Drafthouse co-founder CEO if people care about the difference between a tray and a bowl when it comes to their salad, and he’ll likely tell you a story of angry diners demanding their bowls back.

I was at the hilarious Out of Bounds Comedy Festival roast of the affable League, who was a great sport that night, and almost all of the roasters chided the Drafthouse honcho for switching the theater’s salad policy. Gone were the bowls. In their place, round pizza platters. The jokes were solid and continual. But behind every joke is at least an ounce of truth. As it turns out the comedians (and non-comedians) on stage weren’t the only folks upset with the trays.

After listening to the sarcastic barbs that night, League took the stage, and in addition to firing off some good jokes of his own, declared the Drafthouse would be switching back to bowls. He also gave a brief explanation about how the idea (his idea) was to keep the hot proteins off of the cold greens. Regardless, the place erupted in applause. And it wasn’t just grandstanding in the face of pressure. League wrote on the Drafthouse’s blog this week that he has listened to solicited response from patrons via social media and is bringing back the bowls. He even fell on the sword, admitting that it was his call to start using the paper-covered metal trays in the first place.

So, rest easy, Drafthouse lovers, you’re getting your salad bowls back. The Drafthouse also says that it is continuing to tweak the menu (using the Slaughter Drafthouse as a test kitchen), in preparation for a new menu coming soon.