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Mayor Leffingwell dines at In-N-Out with Aaron Franklin

Matthew Odam

In-N-Out mania seems to be taking hold in Austin, judging by the long lines and trampled orange cones at the Airport Boulevard location. California transplants and those who remember the double-double fondly from trips out West aren’t the only folks chowing down on Austin’s most recent arrival from California.

Mayor Lee Leffingwell Tweeted a picture of him and Aaron Franklin digging into lunch at In-N-Out. As you can tell from his Tweet, it seems Franklin may have turned the mayor onto the notion of getting his burger “animal style” (with grilled onions, extra Thousand Island spread, mustard grilled patties and extra pickles) , just one variation on In-N-Out’s massive secret menu.

For those worried that In-N-Out’s arrival may put a dent in our local burger operations, the Statesman’s Nicole Villalpando reports that P. Terry’s broke its single-day sales record with $21,544.88 in sales Saturday, all of which went to the Statesman’s Season for Caring program.