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Qui staff gets tattoos to pay homage to a beloved dish

Matthew Odam

Rabbit 7 Ways has been one of my favorite dishes at Qui since the restaurant opened last summer. It seems I’m not alone. Several staff members of Paul Qui’s restaurant recently got Ode to Rabbit 7 Ways tattoos. The artwork was done by Billy at Bijou Studio, just down the street from Qui. That’s dedication. That, or they’re all hoppin’ mad. Qui’s director of operations, June Rodil, passed along the picture of the proud employees earlier today.

Rabbit 7 Ways has changed a bit since the restaurant opened. The dish now features smaller, composed bites and comes with a smaller price tag. Here is how I described the original incranation of the dish when I reviewed Qui last year (full review here):

A cute soup mug with a bunny tail holds a restorative consommé that you sip while enjoying the other six preparations. Let us count the ways: 1) A ballotine wrapped in lard and served with pickled mustard seeds. 2) A smooth rillette. 3) Tender confit. 4) Sweet strands of grilled belly glazed with tamarind. 5) A melt-in-your mouth loin spiced with turmeric. And 6) A rabbit and shrimp marriage like a grilled dumpling but wrapped in caul fat instead of noodle. The symphony arrives with a plate of greens and a saucer of carrot nam pla, allowing you to create your own wraps.