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Lenoir lands on list of top mom-owned restaurants

Matthew Odam

To acknowledge the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday (and to promote their reservation website), has released its list of the top 10 mom-owned restaurants in the U.S.

Austin is represented by the excellent Lenoir, which is owned by pastry chef Jessica Maher and her husband, chef Todd Duplechan. Maher and Duplechan have a three year-old son named Hollis, and are expecting their second child soon.

The couple is also giving birth to a new cookbook, knives and kitchenware store called Metier. The store, in an old bungalow next door to Lenoir, will open this summer.

Here is Maher talking to OpenTable about the difficulties of balancing family life and running a restaurant:

”I was talking to my friend Sarah from Rich Table and she is just like, I feel guilty all the time, like here is something in my son’s lunch that I didn’t make myself. It’s so silly; we put all these pressures on ourselves to do things, but at the same time that’s why we are where we are because we are really ambitious and we are striving for perfection. We are never satisfied, so we keep trying to make it better. I’m sure a lot of people are like that anyway, but I definitely have friends who are not in the restaurant industry who don’t put those pressures on themselves at all.”

You can see OpenTable’s full list of the 10 best mom-owned restaurants in the country at

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