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Thunderbird hosting state’s largest latte art competition

Matthew Odam

You know all of those cool designs you find on the top of your latte? Those aren’t accidents or crop-circle-like mysteries. They require imagination and a deft touch. Thunderbird Café & Tap Room (1401 W Koenig Ln.) hosts its inaugural Latte Art Competition on September 19. Oh, you may scoff now, but this is the largest latte art competition in the state’s history, according to Thunderbird. Thirty-two contestants will compete in a bracket-style tournament, with contestants being given three minutes to create their design. A panel of three judges will select winters based on aesthetic appeal. The winner receives a 65-inch flat-screen TV, with the second-fifth place competitors earning prizes. The competition, which starts at 7:30 p.m., is open to the public. Applications for the 32 spots are now being accepted, and there is a $15 registration fee. Competitors can sign up by emailing