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Four more hangover heroes: menudo from La Posada, the Don Juan taco at Juan in a Million, pho at Tan My, Red Headed Stranger drink at Frank

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We've covered healthy juices, artisan soup, a cheeseburger and a standard-issue breakfast taco. Let's look at two cross-cultural soup remedies, a two-handed breakfast taco and one glass of liquid hope.

— Mike Sutter

Menudo at La Posada

6800 West Gate Blvd., No. 143. 444-2631.

Talk all you want about the mystical hangover-curing properties of the primal main ingredient, namely cow's stomach. Talk about how this big bowl of beef broth helps to rehydrate you. To me, what makes menudo work is the worshipful tone its acolytes adopt when they talk about it. Menudo works for them because, above all, they believe it will work. The tripe is tender and blessedly light on the cow-pasture aroma. I like the hominy, the deep red spices and the handmade corn tortillas. This bowl made a believer out of me. $7.75.

Don Juan taco at Juan in a Million

2300 E. Cesar Chavez St. 472-3872, www.juanina .

I've said before that I'm not crazy about this big, starchy potato-bomb of a monster taco (as seen on TV). But that was before we were talking about hangovers. The bulk, the warmth, the bacon and cheese all work in your favor. More good news is that at Juan's, you'll be surrounded by fellow travelers, all walking the slow road to recovery. $3.80.

Pho at Tan My

1601 Ohlen Road. 832-9585.

Vietnamese soup with beef stock, noodles, brisket and rare round steak in a bowl so big you'll think you've won a hockey trophy. The therapeutic effects of steam are magnified by dropping fresh basil leaves in the bowl. The jalapeño slices? Lethal. $6.75 for the large. No. 9 on the pho menu.

Red Headed Stranger at Frank

407 Colorado St. 494-6916, .

A Bloody Mary named after the classic Willie Nelson record had better bring something to the show. Like so much at this retro hot dog roadhouse, what it brings is bacon and cheese. Bacon in the vodka, plus a thick slice crisp enough to stand up in the glass. The hangover battle is joined by the liquor, which essentially dulls the pain of your old hangover, and by vitamin C in the spicy tomato juice. Raise a toast to Willie while you're at it. $8 for 12 ounces, $10 for 16 ounces.

— Mike Sutter