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Five great trailer dishes

Mike Sutter
Skewers of fish balls with rice and Filipino pickled cabbage are found at a food trailer called East Side King at Bar 96. A pint of (512) Wit beer is in the background.


Canadian bacon, cream cheese and jalapeño jelly make this a savory-sweet exercise in late-night rationalization: Sure, it's a doughnut, but the protein makes it, like, an energy bar, right? Right? 1503 S. First St. .


Eric Ting came to Austin from Vancouver, B.C., to open the second incarnation of East Side King, a trailer owned in part by his cousin, Uchiko executive chef Paul Qui. Ting's trailer specializes in yakitori-grilled dishes, including fish-ball skewers with rice and Filipino pickled cabbage. `We wanted to go with a little more Thai-Vietnamese flavor, so we started with a sweet chile sauce, then onion and jalapeño. We cut it with the sweetness of the Filipino pickle, and we serve it with rice. We buy those fish balls. Just straight-up whitefish. Haddock, whiting. We use bincho-tan. It's a Japanese style of charcoal that burns super-hot, and it's virtually smokeless, outside of the dripping oils and greases that you get off of the meat. That's a lot of the reason why our food that comes off our grill is so unique-tasting.' Unique, yes, and it costs only a little bit more than that pint of (512) Wit beer you'll want with it. It's good to have a bar right next to your trailer. Liberty 1618 E. 6th St., Grackle 1700 E. 6th St., and Shangri-La 1016 E. 6th St.


Interior Mexican food, exterior seating. Tender, crunchy fish with cabbage and subtle chipotle cream. In the driveway of the old house the restaurant hopes to occupy soon. 85 Rainey St. 474-2776.


Culinary Institute of America chefs Kent and Robin O'Keefe know Cajun cooking well enough to offer their po' boy traditionally dressed (lettuce, tomato, mayo) or with spicy slaw. Either way, the Pacific Coast oysters are hot and crunchy outside, briny-sweet inside. On crackle-crusted New World Bakery French bread. 801 Barton Springs Road. 514-1727 .


The trailer everybody mentions when you ask, `Who makes the best al pastor taco in Austin?' The deep orange pork has just started to caramelize, crunchy and a little sweet. Less than $2, with onions, cilantro and the dusty fluff of a flour tortilla. 1911 E. Riverside Drive.

UPDATE 2/2/12: Gourdoughs has moved to 1503 S. First St. East Side Kings no longer goes to Bar 96, they can be found at Liberty 1618 E. 6th St., Grackle 1700 E. 6th St., and Shangri-La 1016 E. 6th St.