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Finding a path to the holy temple inside all of us

By Chuck Robison
Chuck Robison is the former adjunct Protestant chaplain at The Church Center of The United Nations in New York.

Being a Christian growing up in America in the last century, I was told by the churches that “you should never smoke, drink or abuse yourself because your body is the temple of God”. Most of the common Christian understandings at that time were about ”NO” —prohibitions against external temptations.  

I have entered some of the most powerful and holy temples in America, and I have yet to enter one of these temples without a profound sense of being in a holy space. Living in New York, I had easy access to both St. Patrick’s Cathedral and America’s only Gothic Cathedral, St. John The Divine.  They are awe inspiring and mysterious. 

For years, I asked myself, “How can my body be like these cathedrals?” 

Beginning in 1983, I was given a new understanding of the power built into our bodies.  This teaching suggests that our bodies have been designed to accelerate our spiritual growth from the most basic level to the Highest.  It has nothing to do with men’s temples or anything external. It is an inner journey. 

It comes from India, and it is found in every spiritual tradition by different names. Called Kundalini in India, it is a 50,000-year-old secret that, because of its power, has been guarded from seekers who would use it for evil.   

By 1975 the Divine Powers saw that it was time for this secret to be revealed globally. Pandit Gopi Krishna, among others, has shown that seeking within results in a biological change to seekers bodies that culminates in Enlightenment. The secret is that all who seek and ask will be rewarded, not in church or any form of organization but in our bodies and personal experience. 

Here is the secret: Each of us has a growing evolution within our body’s neural and cellular pathways and brain patterns. These God-given powers have been designed by the Creator to be awakened as each person goes inside themselves, through quiet meditation and waking awareness to discover the guidance that has been created for each seeker’s growth. 

This occurs in God’s Holy Temple in each person’s body. This is also the trigger of personal biological and spiritual Evolution.  

It’s all inside.

Pandit Gopi Krishna, who died in 1984, had a complete experience of Kundalini Enlightenment for most of his last 40 years, resulting in his writing 19 books that have been published around the world. In 1983 he was invited to address America’s Indigenous People at a Gathering at The UN during the General Assembly’s Annual Meeting.  A copy of this profound speech is available at 

On the next day, I spent an hour alone with him taking what turned out to be his last portraits. He died at age 80 in1984. He told me personally how to find this inner temple.  When I ask him: “What do I need to do to be Enlightened?” he said: “Just this, every day, as often as you can, think about God, and God will take care of everything else.” 

For me, the simpler the better.  Here was something I could do without all the complexity that passes as theology. 

While I spent the next three days in my darkroom making the prints of The Pandit, I decided that I would make this simple directive my primary spiritual practice.  

After 39 years of practicing this guidance every day, I can tell you that thinking about God is a powerful invitation for God to awaken the inner spiritual and neural networks He used to create your body as your entrance to Higher Consciousness. 

God wants you to experience the Holiness in his Temple. Slowly, slowly you will discover that your life has become a blessing to you and to others. 

All you must do is enter the Temple where God dwells, inside your body and brain, and think about Him as often as you can.                                                                            

God will take care of everything else. 

Chuck Robison graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary and became a Presbyterian minister. Chuck is the director of the Kundalini Research Foundation, now located in Cedar Park.