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Remember our purpose even in dark times

Chuck Robison Special to the American-Statesman
Chuck Robison is the former adjunct Protestant chaplain at The Church Center of The United Nations in New York. [David Saenz]

Recently I spoke with my friend, The Rev. Jim Rigby, the leader of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church who is the conscience of the Austin Christian Community. Speaking with Jim is an opportunity to be part of the higher levels of human struggle and to be in the presence of a real homegrown spiritual master.

We were comparing notes about the current state of the American Spiritual Experience and the fall from grace that seems to have consumed our country’s thinking and religious expression. Somewhere in this exchange, Jim said to me: ”But remember, this is what we came here for.”

I needed to be reminded of that and perhaps you do, too.

Perhaps, like me, you have a sense of loss and sadness when you honestly confront the situation we find ourselves in today. Everywhere we turn we see paths that lead to a lowered state of awareness, a lowered spiritual experience. The environment is not what it was on the day we graduated from high school. America is not respected in the world as it was when our first child was born. Our economy is not as supportive as it was on New Years Eve 1999. The future looks less bright than it did even 18 months ago.

In addressing the United Nations along with the Hopi Indians in 1983, Pandit Gopi Krishna recalled that “The situation that exists at this time was revealed to me first in 1949 in the words that came, not through my mind, but from the Intelligence surrounding me. All that I have received as communications from the Unseen, I have faithfully recorded in my books. The crux of what has been written is this — that the human race has not been created to live in comfort and luxury, that man has not been made the supreme ruler of the organic kingdom of the Earth and a whole planet has not been placed at his disposal, to do as he likes, to spend resources in anything he thinks proper, to find ease and comfort for himself, but that he has a great destiny in front of him and that the Earth is a cradle of a race, of a species, that might even affect people of all the planets of the solar system.”

Our dis-ease is caused by the fact that we have lost sight of why we came here. “Humankind has not reached the goal for which it is has been designed. It is Divinity itself that has come on Earth in the guise of man,” Gopi Krishna continues.

We are here for a brief moment.

William Wordsworth wrote in “Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood” “Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting: The Soul that rises with us, our life's Star hath had elsewhere its setting, and cometh from afar: not in entire forgetfulness, and not in utter nakedness, but trailing clouds of glory do we come.”

We came here to remember who we are, God’s highest creation. We are part of the eons-long journey to the goal of becoming the New Man, the New Species. Our purpose is built into our Neuro-Spiritual-System. We are prewired to advance ourselves and our species to a new level of evolved humans. This new advancement in our evolution is happening to allow us to experience more and more of God’s plan for ourselves and our species.

At these times when we lose this vision of our mission here, nature itself takes steps to correct our course and put us back on the track for which we have been made. If we are sensitive and flexible, the course correction to our lives is gentle and healthy. If we resist and persist on the paths we have taken that lead to our dis-ease, nature will jerk us up like puppets on strings.

We came here to love each other, to remember our purpose and to evolve.

Chuck Robison is the director of the Kundalini Research Foundation.