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Use the seasons as your guide for what to do spiritually

Gerry J. Tucker Special to the American-Statesman
Gerry J. Tucker is an author, certified career and life coach and spiritual writer.

An arborist from the utility company recently knocked on my door with a request to clear some branches from the electric lines. As we talked, he casually indicated I had a dying tree and some shrubs and plants that needed to be replaced and other small trees which needed to be pruned.

When I got over the embarrassment of not knowing these facts, our conversation became enlightening. He talked about the planting season and how to improve the health and growth rate of my plants.

He went on to cite the seasons for gardening and taking care of trees. He talked about the fact that a healthy yard required foresight, planning, and scheduling. He concluded by saying, “ timing is everything.”

The conversation led me to research the seasonal guide to plants and trees. As I reviewed planting by the moon and the traditional schedule of planting, it occurred to me that life is very much like the planting season. Just as we plant, sow and reap, we must prune to clear out the superfluous in life.

In hindsight, I realized he was telling me it’s time to do some pruning in my life.

The guide cited the months of the year and what must be done each month to achieve growth. There was a month for preparing the ground to receive the seeds. Then, the actual sowing and planting, followed by the care of the soil and control of the pests. In the end, we can look forward to reaping.

And so it is with life, “to everything there is a season.”

In the fall of each year when the temperature gradually decreases, and the leaves begin to fall, I find myself withdrawing to prepare for the closing of the year similar to the birds migrating to escape the falling temperatures.

Fall is typically a transition from summer to winter, and the leaves begin to shed from the trees, just as I begin to shed things in my life that I don’t need.

Winter is a lovely time of year but, it can also be a challenge. It is a time when the snow and rain insulate the ground and gives the soil plenty of water. Severe cold keeps bugs and bacteria at bay.

Winter is a time of elongated nights and shorter daylight. It is a time to beat the winter blues and pack heavier for a cold spell.

Winter is usually a time made better by being alone in contemplation, restoration and meditation. For many of us, it is a time of resolutions and preparing for the upcoming year. During this winter, I took the time to explore meditation and yoga classes to get ready for spring.

Spring is my favorite time of year. It is a time when seeds take root and trees and bushes grow new leaves. It is a season of new beginnings. Just like the spring season, I come alive in spring.

It is a time of transition, and I can look forward to new things in my life. I also look forward to the birds chirping at my bedroom window announcing their return. Being outdoors more due to the warmer weather, I find that I am more open, creative and inspired.

Spring provides the opportunity for growth for both me and the plants and trees.

During summer, plants grow and blossom. Birds breed and battle for their territory to secure their place for the future. For us, summer brings warm weather, summer fun, sports and outdoor activities. It is a time of feel-good time during which we can lower our stress and improve our focus and concentration.

Summer is a time of growth. I am energized in the summer. With boundless energy, I feel free to explore and try new things.

The seasons of life are a way of helping you to move closer to the person you were meant to be. Each of us goes through seasons, learning and growing to be the best person that we can be.

As spring ends and summer approaches, it is an ideal time for you to anticipate new beginnings, check things off on your bucket list, mend the past so you can move on into the future, and sprout new wings.

Take some time to review the seasons of your life. As you contemplate spring and your growth, know that timing is everything, and you are now becoming your authentic, unique self, ready for anything the seasons bring to you.

Gerry J. Tucker is an author, certified career and life coach, and spiritual writer.