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What’s Mom really worth? How the job of mother translates in salary terms

Nicole Villalpando

If you had to give Mom a salary for all the work she does for the family, you probably couldn’t afford her. figured out just how much she’s worth in dollar figures for the job she does. Her wage is up 1.9 percent this year to $68,875.

What’s Mom’s job’s worth?

Here’s how broke it down by wage for each job based on the number of hours Mom does that job each year:

Cooking $7,935

Taxi driver $5,300

Teacher, tutor $8,200

Childcare worker $24,648

Licensed vocational nurse $488

Housekeeper $5,707

Meeting and convention planner $1,702

Social services provider $9,492

Hairdresser, cosmetologist $339

Personal shopper $1,868

Accountant $693

Landscaper $683

Interior designer $963

Private detective $963

Think about that this Mother’s Day.