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People are trashing the Greenbelt again, and Reddit users are angry

Pam LeBlanc

People are trashing the Barton Creek Greenbelt again, and Reddit users are angry about it.

This weekend, a Reddit user named Ofthehillpeople posted a photo of a bag of trash he and his wife had collected near Campbell’s Hole, a popular swimming hole on the Austin greenbelt.

“My wife and I filled one IKEA bag full of trash today on a Green Belt hike. She filled one yesterday as well. If you’re gonna drink on the trail at least take the cans with you instead of stacking them in the middle of the stream.”

The post went on to say how they’d also found several half-burned shirts wrapped around dowels near the trash.

That inspired a long thread of responses, mostly from people thanking the couple for taking the time to gather the garbage, and several from people complaining about why anyone would think it was OK to litter.

“I understand that everyone is raised differently, but I still don’t understand why so many people think it’s OK to just throw their bottle on the ground like that. You don’t even have to be an environmentalist or something, it’s just common courtesy,” one user said.

“Thank you and your wife for cleaning up. If we all do our part like you have, we can keep the Greenbelt beautiful,” wrote another.

Read the entire thread here.

A similar thing occurred last year, when Austin climber Jason Bowles posted photos on Facebook of empty beer cans, Styrofoam coolers, booze bottles and food wrappers he’d found near Campbell’s Hole on the Barton Creek Greenbelt. He described the scene as a “damn tragedy” and berated the litterers as “delinquent ignorant immature pieces of (expletive deleted).”

That post went viral, and inspired an impromptu cleanup. Read more about that here.

What’s the solution? Perhaps it’s a trail version of plogging, the Scandinavian craze of collecting trash while jogging. The word comes from the “plocka upp,” meaning pick up, and “jogging.”

Think of it this way: Interval training with an added bonus. You run, you stop to pick up trash, you run some more. And along the way you do something good for the environment.

We’ve got at least one plogger in Austin, who posts her daily trash hauls on Instagram. Check austintxlitter’s feed here, to see what she picked up on her latest run. Austin gym Castle Hill Fitness is also encouraging the plogging craze, according to this post on Facebook.