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New Austin-based web series ‘Gym Buddies’ pokes fun at fitness culture

Pam LeBlanc

If you’ve spent much time at a strip center gym, you know the type: The determined customer who pops in for a few months in pursuit of the ever-elusive “revenge bod.”

That’s the theme behind the first season of a new web comedy series called “Gym Buddies,” that’s set and filmed at Move weightlifting gym right here in Austin.

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Austin-based comedy writer Shruti Saran created the show, which follows the exploits of two friends who join a fitness club after one of them is dumped by her boyfriend. As the series progresses, the initial goal of attaining the perfect post-breakup body morphs into something a tad more fulfilling.

“Think about it. We’re going to work out together, I’m going to get a superhot bod, I’m going to accidentally tag Neil in one of my transformation photos,” Aparna tells her best friend Quinn during the first episode.

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When Quinn protests that her logic might not be so healthy, Aparna fires back, “This isn’t about health, Quinn, this is about getting back at a douche bag who thinks I need to emotionally mature a little, and coming out on top. This is about feminism.”

The second episode of the series, which pokes fun at really easy target – the urban fitness culture – comes out Wednesday. To see a teaser for the series on Youtube, go here.

“We’re passing through a really interesting cultural moment right now for women’s rights and feminism, and as a female writer I obviously have a lot of thoughts on the subject,” Saran said in a press release. “I chose not to create something super on the nose, but it was important to me that ‘Gym Buddies’ be female-focused.”

The five-episode first season stars local stand-up comedian Nikita Redkar, a writer, actress and improviser who performs around Austin with the troupe Y’all We Asia and co-hosts the comedy dating show “Naughty Bits”; and Chelsea Lane, lead singer of Austin cover band Blind Date. It’s directed by Matthew Evan Daniels.

Learn more about the show on Facebook here or go to the show website here.