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After skiing hard, soak your legs in this natural hot springs in Colorado

Pam LeBlanc

It’s not all about skiing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Whenever I’m here, I squeeze in a trip to Strawberry Hot Springs, where a series of rock-lined soaking pools varies in temperature, from “dang that’s hot,” to “oooh, that feels good on my sore legs,” to “that’s downright cold!”

We spent a couple of hours at the hippy dippy springs, located about a 20-minute drive outside of the town of Steamboat Springs. There’s no electricity, and it costs $15 to get in. Evenings are clothing optional; daytimes are family friendly.

After our visit, we loaded up and headed to Copper Mountain, where we’re staring down the barrel of a blustery day. But good news: Snow is in the forecast!