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When the ‘Frozen’ short before ‘Coco’ isn’t short at all

Nicole Villalpando

Did anyone like the “Frozen” short before “Coco”? We’d love to hear it if your kids did.

What we’ve heard is “Ugh! It’s awful.”

“Ugh! It’s too long!” followed by “A short is supposed to be short.”

“It should have been straight to DVD” followed by “It’s just a Christmas TV special that no one thought was good enough for TV.”

“It’s just an excuse to get people to come to ‘Coco’,” followed by, “Why didn’t they think ‘Coco’ was strong enough on its own?”

Confession: I didn’t get to go see “Coco.” My husband and daughter had a daddy-daughter date, which is important, but I heard about it. A lot. From them and from friends and from co-workers.

How long can your kids sit through a movie?

“Coco ” is an hour and 49 minutes, which is a bit on the long side, really.

Then you add 21 minutes of “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.”

Plus add on the time you sat waiting to get popcorn, waiting for the film to start, waiting for previews.

Disney is asking kids to sit and be quiet and attentive and not have to go to the bathroom for three hours straight. Most kids can’t do that. Most adults struggle, too.

We heard from co-workers that their screenings last weekend were chaotic. People were bored by “Olaf” and pulling out their phones. By the time “Coco” arrived, they were shuffling in their seats, leaving to take kids to the bathroom, talking, getting more snacks, pulling out their phones again, telling the people in front of them to “put away their phones” or “shut the @#$%! up.”

It’s too bad. From all reports, “Coco” is a fabulous film. My husband will admit he cried twice. My 14-year-old daughter will admit that her eyes might have watered once, maybe twice. Yet, they had to sit through 21 minutes of a Christmas special that didn’t need to happen.

Bring back the actual short, short, Disney and Pixar. We loved “Lava” before “Inside Out,” which was seven minutes long. We even loved the “Moana” short “Inner Workings,” which was six minutes long. And who can forget four-minute-long “For the Birds,” which came before “Monsters, Inc.”

We can’t wait for “Coco” to be on DVD or streaming. Then we can fast forward through “Olaf,” pause when we need a bathroom break or to look at our phones. Disney, you just gave families another reason to stay home from the movie theater.

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