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Take your kids on a Texas treasure hunt this summer with Brain Chase challenge

Nicole Villalpando

Are your kids sitting at home this summer doing nothing? I know mine are. What if they could go on a real life treasure hunt and learn some math, engineering, coding, art and reading skills on the way.

Brain Chase,, has launched its Texas Edition of its treasure hunt. Participants follow Mae Merriweather’s quest to locate a golden treasure and uncover clues find the missing adventurer Tate Grayson.

Each week over seven weeks, your kids complete customized assignments online and offline. Once they are complete, the next animated webisode is unlocked. Each webisode has clues, puzzles and riddles. they also get tools in the mail to help decipher the clues.

The first participant to complete the seven-week challenge and guess the location of Grayson within a 2-mile radius wins a $10,000 scholarship.

Then the student and a parent get to go to the actual secret location to unlock the treasure and take it home.

Brain Chase Texas Edition is for ages 6-6 and you have to sign up online at, by Friday (June 30) to participate. It’s not free, though. There are several packages:  Scout ($69), Explorer ($149), or Adventurer ($229). Each package includes different access to a selection of subjects and tools.