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The Oasis loses a member of its restaurant family in car accident

Matthew Odam

The Oasis lost a member of its restaurant family last week. Eighteen year-old Rainey Dematria Blaylock, who spent the past two years working as a hostess at the lakeside restaurant, was killed by an 18-wheeler near Lufkin late Wednesday night.

The recent graduate of Lake Travis High School was headed toward Nacogdoches to attend Stephen F. Austin University, according to this report from the Statesman’s Andrew McLemore.

From that story: “The truck had the right-of-way, but the temporary stop sign meant to warn drivers like Blaylock that “Cross traffic does not stop” had been knocked down, The Lufkin Daily News reported. That left a temporary flashing red light as the only signal for Blaylock to stop at the intersection, the newspaper reported.

“Blaylock was wearing her seat belt, but she was still ejected from her 2010 Kia Soul and caught beneath the trailer of the 18-wheeler, according to an accident report obtained by the newspaper.”

Oasis general manager Jonathan Silva told McLemore that the staff wore sunflowers, Blaylock’s favorite, Friday to commemorate the loss of their friend and co-worker.

“We have kids questioning God, wondering why would God do this,” she said. “We’ve lost a few of our kids in different tragedies, but no one who had her impact on everyone. Nobody that was so much a part of our family.”

The Oasis has planned a memorial service for staff at 2 p.m. Wednesday. A family friend of Blaylock’s has established a GoFundMe page to raise money for funeral costs and other expenses.

For more information on Blaylock and the accident, read the story on here.