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Pam LeBlanc

It might look ordinary, but I’m pretty sure this calendar is magic.

I’ve been using the Streaming Colors Fitness Journal since 2004, and I blog about it almost every year because I love it so much. (I swear I’m not on their payroll, although I’ve been such a loyal customer they sent me three spare calendars this week to give away … more on that later.)

The concept is simple. A calendar with big open white squares divided into neat sections. A pack of fluorescent markers. You set up a code – blue for swimming, pink for running, orange for bicycling, for example – and color in sections based on the activities you do that day.

For me (and yes, I’m kind of compulsive), it works. I love to see those blank white squares get filled in with color. I love it so much that it inspires me to ride my bike to work, hit swim practice and go for runs.

You can code it however you want – designating colors for doing things you want to incorporate into your lifestyle. I’ve logged everything from my teeth flossing habits to water consumption and vitamins.

It gives me a sense of accomplishment. And it’s fun to go back and look at past years. I can tell you that I swam 2 miles and biked 15 on Sept. 26, 2006, or that I biked 100 miles on July 15 and again on July 16, 2006. (And that I didn’t do anything taxing the next day.)

The point is, it works for me.

Low tech. Simple.


So … the kind folks at Streaming Colors sent me three extra calendars to give away to readers. (If you want to order one on your own, go here.)

Who wants one? Post here, telling me why you deserve it. Best answers win.