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Shiner selling Fun Fun Fun Fest cans this weekend

Arianna Auber

When you’re jamming out to three days’ worth of live music, you’ll probably get a little thirsty. Spoetzl Brewery, the makers of Shiner brews, is well aware of that and all the beer you’ll want to sip on the Fun Fun Fun Fest grounds starting tomorrow — so they’ve got you covered with your very own FFF beer. That’s right: Shiner produced beer just for the festival.

To be clear, the FFF-branded brew is really Shiner Bock re-packaged into the festival-friendly can, but what a little gem that can is. Instead of “serve cold and often,” Shiner’s usual recommendation, the FFF version suggests you “drink up and rock out.” Spoetzl and festival organizers, among them James Moody, collaborated to make sure the can was easily recognizable as Shiner Bock, but with clear FFF elements, he said.

Because only a limited amount was made, they’ll most likely be available this weekend at Auditorium Shores only. But if there’s any left over, Moody said, they’ll go to bars and music venues around Austin afterward.

“It’s a fun little commemorative thing we did with our beer sponsor, Shiner, to see and have and keep as memorabilia,” he said.

For more information about the festival, visit the FFF website.