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Fit Folks: Kristin McCullar, 37

Staff Writer
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I'm a different kind of fit than I once was. Years ago, I was a personal trainer. Back then, my body fat percentage was lower and my VO2 max was higher, but now I feel healthier than ever before.

After my second child, I left the fitness industry. I was exhausted from thinking about workouts and calories while trying to give my family undivided attention. Though I love to exercise, I needed out.

I started focusing on my yoga practice. I practiced in the mornings before my family woke up. I also discovered kula yoga, which had toddler classes at the same time as my favorite vinyasa flow classes. When I needed more, I'd take a hike or ride my bike. I also tried to forgive myself if some days I just couldn't find time to exercise. I recently added acupuncture for stress management to my routine.

I also found myself wanting to go back to a gym and have added two or three days of weight training. It feels good and I keep myself in check by blogging about my journey at

My mantra is balance. I don't always get there, but it's the destination I'm always trying to reach.

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