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AMC unveils ‘The Terror’ at SXSW

Joe Gross
From "The Terror:" Yeah, this can't be good. (photo: AMC)

Installations, activations, very quickly put together theme-park style attractions -- whatever you want to call them, they are all the rage at SXSW..

To kick-off the launch of AMC’s new drama, “The Terror,” the network is inviting everyone in the Austin area to enter the Arctic as the real-life crew of this ill-fated expedition did in 1845.

This Arctic will be around March 10 and 11, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. at 300 Colorado Street Lot (Third St. between Colorado St. and Lavaca St.) 

The fully immersive experience offers guests a first-hand look as a crew member aboard the ship’s disastrous trip through the desolate polar landscape.

Guests (as in, people who actually want to do this) will feel the bone-chilling air, smell the fear and despair and hear the horrific sounds of men fighting for their survival.

“The Terror,” a thriller that follows a British Royal Naval expedition as they set sail in search of the Northwest Passage and things go very poorly indeed, premieres 8 p.m. CT March 26 on AMC.

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