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Shine bright! Glittery fashion at ACL Fest

Staff Writer
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A couple years ago Flash Tats were all the rage at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, this year it’s glitter, glitter and more glitter. We talked to fest-goers on the ground about what inspired their sparkly style.

Valerie June:  “In this whole record cycle I decided my style onstage is going to be anything that shines,” singer-songwriter Valerie June said in the press lounge after her Austin City Limits Music Festival set on Friday. She was wearing an iridescent sequined top with swaths of glitter highlighting her temples. She’s been thinking a lot about light lately. Her song “Astroplane” on her new album “The Order of Time” deals with light and the stratosphere.

PHOTOS: Glittery fashion at ACL Fest

“I feel like we need more light in the world,” she said. “And we need to remember a little more that we each have individual light. And that all the light inside of us is so different from other people’s light. So oftentimes, we feel like, ‘Why should I shine because there’s already a nurse out there, why should I try to go be a nurse too? Why should I be this or why should I be that?’ Well you should do it because you’re called and you have a purpose with your life. You have a light inside and it’s like nothing else that anybody could contribute to humanity. So you have to do it with all your energy.”

Tess Yarbrough: “I grew up loving glitter,” Tess Yarbrough said. When she was a child, her mother worked a job waiting tables to be able to afford Catholic school for her kids. She was older than most of the waitresses at the restaurant and to make herself stand out she would apply glitter before going to work. She considers her mother her hero and now, Yarbrough says, “glitter has come full circle” in her life. She doesn’t just rock the sparkles for festivals. It’s an every day thing. She uses pantyhose adhesive as a base (“It smells like maple syrup,” she says) and uses a special glitter mix she buys on Etsy.

Jannet Jara: “Glitter makes everything better,” Jannet Jara said on Friday. She used regular hair gel and standard glitter that you can scoop from craft stores for pocket change to create her sparkle hair.

Taylor Freeman: Taylor used a GoGet Glitter kit on her face and used a sparkly blue lip gloss to complete the look. She said the kit comes with its own adhesive and is easy to apply. “W hen else can you do (this) other than at ACL?” she said, adding, “what girl doesn’t love glitter?”

Sam Frazier: Sam rocked her sparkle with a custom hat created by a friend in honor of Jay-Z’s headline set on Friday. “I just Bedazzled it,” her friend Clarissa Horner said with a laugh.