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Dreamers dream a little ACL Fest dream … OF DOOM

Eric Webb

Sure, Dreamers have their setlist loaded with songs about self-destruction. But they’ve got a beat, and you can dance to them!

The New York City rock band fought the heat through a head-bobbing appearance on the tiny BMI stage at Austin City Limits Music Festival on Saturday. Tiny stage, but big crowd. Dreamers — frontman Nick Wold, bassist Nelson and drummer Jacob Wick — packed ’em in for an early afternoon party where the specter of doom loomed ever present. But also, he brought the keg.

Sometimes Wold sang of drinking all night and running stoplights; oftentimes, he sang stories of partners who caused him harm one way or another. Delicious, irresistible harm. The world at large is no gentler outside the Dreamers bubble. “The sky is falling down, better run for your life,” Wold implored on   “Last Night on Earth,” about global warming. Heck, even the band’s choice of cover song, a snippet of  “Zombie” by the Cranberries, found the back alleys of life worth examining. With their tanks and their guns, the sky is falling down,  it’s all cut from the same cloth.

Dreamers isn’t running a dirge factory, though. Their vibrant, hooky rock grabbed you by the shirt collar and dragged you to the dance floor, a little Strokes peeking out around the edges of where the Weezer wasn’t. The band’s sound, though, is all 2017. They didn’t lack for showmanship, either. Wold’s got a mean somersault.

It was a good call to end on “Sweet Disaster,” then. With a name like that and a riff that would make any Blink-182 fan feel at home, it’s a thesis that’ll make you throw your arms in the air.