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Did the Texas freeze burst your pipes? Austin musician Thor Harris has a tip

Thor Harris (center), pictured with his band Thor and Friends, is an accomplished carpenter who worked as a plumber's assistant to pay his way through college.

With the ongoing winter freeze that has been led to widespread Texas power outages and water supply issues, many Austinites are grappling with the additional challenge of bursting pipes. So what happens if you're suddenly flooded with no valve shut off tool and nary a plumber available to help? 

Austin musician and accomplished carpenter Thor Harris posted a video to Twitter explaining how to locate one example of a street-side shut-off valve and turn off the water supply to your home with tools you are likely to have around the house. 

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In the video, Harris, who worked as a plumber's assistant to pay for his college education, uses a standard crescent wrench with a screwdriver to build a valve shut off tool.

"When your pipes start spewing as they thaw out, you'll need to know that. Good luck," he says. 

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Austin Water recommends customers use the property-owner cut-off valve in the event of a burst and to call 512-972-1000 for assistance if it doesn't work or you can't find it.

The utility on Wednesday night asked customers to boil their water before using it for drinking or cooking, until further notice. Many in the city are still without water.