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Exclusive: Watch Black Pumas’ electrifying ’ACL’ version of ’Eleanor Rigby’

Deborah Sengupta Stith,
Singer Eric Burton of the Black Pumas performs during the Austin City Limits taping at ACL Live on August 28, 2019 in Austin, Texas. [Suzanne Cordeiro for AUSTIN360]

When Austin sensation, Black Pumas earned a nod for Best New Artist at this year’s Grammy Awards, many across the country were left asking, “Who’s that?”

But to the Austin audiences, who have been taking in their thrilling soul shakedowns since early 2018, it was no surprise.

Last August, the duo led by Adrian Quesada and Eric Burton, swooped into town off a run of sold out shows across the country and around the world to play three nights at the Mohawk, followed by their debut “Austin City Limits” taping.

Black Pumas on Austin City Limits "Eleanor Rigby" (Web Exclusive) from Austin City Limits on Vimeo.

The latter was an ecstatic evening that reverberated with love.

Fans of the band can experience the magic of their “ACL” debut, when the episode, which also features the Raconteurs, airs on Jan. 11 at 7 p.m. on Austin PBS.

They closed their set with a jaw-dropping cover of “Eleanor Rigby,” an extended version of the Beatles’ classic that unfurled as an epic requiem for “all the lonely people.” It didn’t make the broadcast, but you can revel in its raw power right here.

“Black Pumas started as a fun idea in the studio, then took off like a rocket and spread their love and high-octane energy around the globe,” Terry Lickona, executive producer of “ACL” said about the band. “They truly are Austin’s newest musical ambassadors to the rest of the world.”