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This week's podcast: Rapper Abhi the Nomad on fitting in everywhere

American-Statesman staff
Abhi the Nomad plays a Free Week show in January. [Robert Hein for Austin360]

“It’s absurdist to be Indian in America,” the 25-year-old artist Abhi the Nomad, also known as Abhi Sridharan Vaidehi, told Deborah Sengupta Stith when she talked with him about being our Austin360 Artist of the Month in March. “It’s not common. It’s not like being African American where you have a very specific experience and that experience is written in books. It’s documented. The Indian experience, aside from Aziz Ansari’s show, which I loved, is not there.”

He thinks the Desi kids relate to his music, “because they are also seeing both sides of the coin. Being a child of an immigrant family or coming from an immigrant background in America gives you a lot of perspective,” he says.

“They come with their white friends,” he adds with a laugh.

Self-defined as a nomad, Vaidehi calls the ability to find a place for himself anywhere in the world his “one non-musical skill.”

“I am a chameleon,” he says. “You can throw me in the middle of the Amazon and I’ll adapt.”

Abhi and Stith talk more about his childhood moving around — his father was a diplomat — and why his music and his career cannot be labeled as any one thing in a new episode of "I Love You So Much,"the podcast from the Austin360 features team. "I want to be an artist and also be Indian," he says.

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