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Austin noise rock legends Cherubs sign to Relapse Records

Joe Gross
Cherubs circa 2018. (Contributed by Alison Narro)

Austin noise rock outfit Cherubs has signed to Relapse Records.

Theirs is quite a return to form. The trio's 1994 album "Heroin Man" is considered a genre classic, but the band disintegrated soon after.

Cherubs began playing together again in the early 2010s; their 2105 comeback album "2 Ynfynyty" on Brutal Panda was about a billion times better than it had any right to be. The follow-up EP "Fist in the Air" was similarly excellent.

The band also recently reissued a remastered and slightly altered version (a few songs have been dropped, others added) of their 1996 singles collection "Short of Popular" on the local Sonic Surgery Records label.

Cherubsd is slated to head into the studio with Erik Wofford (Explosions in the Sky, Black Angels) at Cacophony Recorders in Austin.

“We are very excited to be working with Relapse," the band said in a statement. "They are curious about our hillbilly ways and are letting us prance clumsily around the enclosure. This will be our second longplay in the modern world and will surely be an improvement on previous efforts. Some working titles include: 'Coke Adds Life,' 'Hiding a Body,' 'Breath U Can C,' 'Tourista,' and 'Crying Real Wolves' – themes include yearning, regret and revolution."

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Cherbus next play Austin March 23 at Antone's with Mudhoney and Xetas.