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Meet one of Austin’s most artistically brave and creative songwriters

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Chris Fullerton recorded his new album “Epilepsy Blues” mostly at home. Tom McCarthy Jr. for American-Statesman

Austin singer-songwriter Chris Fullerton can tell you something about looking down in the face of death. Five years ago, shortly after he’d moved to Austin from Boston, he went to the doctor after suffering a string of seizures. They found that not only did Fullerton have epilepsy, a neurological disorder that affects about 1 percent of the population, but he also had an arteriovenous malformation, essentially a tangle of blood vessels in the brain.

“They told me, ‘There’s nothing we can do; it’s only a matter of time,’” Fullerton recalls of that day in the neurologist’s office. “I had an 80 percent risk of stroke at that point,” he says, adding that he also had a high probability of brain aneurysms rupturing.

Fullerton’s wife, Lindsay Preston, refused to accept the dire diagnosis. “Lindsay was determined to find me treatment,” Fullerton says. “She had been reading about cyberknife treatments, which were very new at the time. And the doctor was like, ‘Yeah, actually I think that would be an option; let’s do that.’”

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