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Sponsored: John Baumann brings good music and good laughs to Austin360 Studio Sessions

Serena Hicks

 Hands down, local Austin musician John Baumann, is one of the funniest persons on the planet. Sure, his country music is inviting and warm and altogether enjoyable. But if you want to laugh, and who doesn’t, have a listen to the lyrics and see what happens.

John played live in an Austin360 Studio Session on March 28th, 2017. Studio Sessions are presented by Bud Light and TicketCity. John made it clear that he’s a fan of Bud Light and pizza (shout out to Jet’s Pizza for feeding our artist and crew again, we love y’all so much) and explained the stories behind the songs he sang. His music is stand alone awesome. Paired with his personality, everyone in the studio audience, and I’d suggest our viewers as well, came out of that Session a lifelong fan of John Baumann.

The episode is available on our website: Sessions and also on our @Austin360 page on Facebook by navigating from --> videos à scrolling down to the Austin360 Studio Sessions playlist à John Baumann. John opens with Bible Belt, ends with my new personal favorite, Congratulations, and has the live studio audience laughing in between every song.

If you like country, or just like “discovering” the Next Big Thing before everyone else, watch John Baumann’s studio session now. You’ll understand how and why Kenney Chesney has already worked with him (and, again, you’ll laugh when John shares that story).