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This Week’s Playlist: Call of the Highway

Deborah Sengupta

Editor’s note: This article was originally published June 9, 2013

Hear that rumble? That’s the sound of 20,000 Harleys revving their engines as they gear up for the 2013 Republic of Texas Biker Rally that kicks off at the Travis County Expo Center on Thursday. For some Austinites this inspires the desire to shine up the ride and head downtown for the annual parade and/or (ahem) bust out the bikini as it were . Countless others are driven to high tail it out of town as fast as possible. Either way, we decided to explore the Call of the Highway in This Week’s Playlist. Whether you’re crusin’ the city streets or hitting the wide open road, whether you drive an admirable ride or a busted old hooptie, this electic set of road songs has something for everyone. So please, roll down the windows, turn the volume up and enjoy.

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