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This Week’s Playlist: Team Spirit

Deborah Sengupta

Editor’s note: This article was originally published September 16, 2013

Dear Texas Longhorns football players and fans,

This season is off to a rough start, it’s true, but we want you to know that we here at Team 360 are not fair-weather fans.We’re still pulling for a comeback. And with that in mind we devised This Week’s Playlist: Team Spirit a collection of songs that’s part call to arms and part ode to triumphant underdogs.

Consider this our virtual pep rally.

We get that there are obstacles ahead, as Cee-Lo Green belts in the new Goodie Mob banger ‘Valleujah’ “When you’re in the valley, the mountaintops seem so very high,” but as Florence Welch counters in the uprise anthem ‘Shake it Out,’ “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

Like Corey Hart, we believe you should “Never Surrender” and we might be dancing with delusions but like Ludacris we’re still coming for that “Number One Spot” (scheme scheme, plot plot).

But more than anything, we just wanted to remind everyone that despite what happened last week or, you know, the week before, we are still the champions and like the Beach Boys we believe you should always “Be True To Your School.”