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This Week’s Playlist: Fun Fun Fun Fest

Deborah Sengupta

Editor’s note: This article was originally published July 7, 2013

In a This Week’s Playlist first, we’re starting the week with a partial playlist: Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013. On Tuesday night, the indie-metal-hip-hop-nostalgia-electro-general-madness fest will put out a final lineup an event at the 1100 Warehouse. Said event will also feature the documentary ‘Vannin’ about a bizarre, and apparently sort of exclusive van sub-culture that most of us never knew existed and now find weirdly compelling. On Wednesday, Fun Fun Fun Fest will announce its 2013 lineup and put the next round of tickets on sale.

We went ahead and started This Week’s Playlist: Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 with the artists we already know about. These artists include rappers Ice-T and Big K.R.I.T., Deerhunter, Flag (the Keith Morris-led Blag Flag reunion that doesn’t include Greg Ginn), British DJ Star Slinger, Bonobo, the Walkmen, Judge and the Julie Ruin. We’ll attend/live tweet the event on Tuesday and update the playlist at the end of the night. When the final lineup comes out on Wednesday we’ll update again. So go ahead and follow the playlist on Spotify now and by midweek you’ll be ahead of the game and well-schooled in the sounds of this year’s fest.