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Georgetown native Tay Allyn scores viral hit with “Mass Text”

Staff Writer
Austin 360

By Peter Mongillo

Editor’s note: This article was originally published July 19, 2013

The video for “Mass Text,” a song from Georgetown native Tay Allyn, is approaching 450,000 page views as of Friday afternoon, drawing comparisons to Rebecca Black and her song “Friday” (though that song has over 55 million views). Part of the attention, however, is because people are wondering if it’s a joke.

Allyn, who attended Georgetown High School (where she played the lead in a production of “My Fair Lady”) and went on to study theater at USC, said over the phone from Los Angeles that she came up with the idea for “Mass Text” at a party more than a year ago and that the song first gained popularity in USC’s gay community. From there, she launched a Kickstarter campaign to pay for the video.

The question of whether “Mass Text” is a joke is one that Allyn has been asked quite a bit, she said. “There is a real aspect to it, but it is satire,” Allyn said. She points to the comedic elements in the music of Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj as inspiration. “In terms of if it’s real or if it’s a joke, I don’t classify it by those terms, because it’s kind of the ultimate combination of both.”

The song has also drawn plenty overtly negative attention, with one headline even calling it “the worst music video you’ll see all year.” Allyn said that she doesn’t take it personally.

Going forward, Allyn said she’s written more songs and she’s still figuring out what kind of career she wants to pursue, but she’s open to both music and acting opportunities.