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By Michael Corcoran

Editor’s note: This article was originally published October 1, 2013

* ACL Fest will not have live streaming on the first weekend, but will host a webcast featuring live streaming of 50 sets on weekend 2, it was just confirmed. The webcast will air on the festival website stating Oct. 11. The first weekend of ACL is long sold out. This new information, which came from Sandee Fenton of ACL’s Fresh & Clean Media seems to suggest that the second weekend is expected to sell out before Oct. 11. Festivals almost never livestream while tickets are still on sale.

* The shows at ACL Fest are the last shows Wilco has booked for quite awhile, but don’t call it a hiatus. “The band will begin recording in the new year,” according to Wilco publicist Deb Bernardini, “so I don’t think the break will be particularly extended.”

* Fiddler Martie Maguire of Courtyard Hounds is going to be taking her 9-year-old twins around to hear music this weekend and next. “They’re getting to the age where the definitely have an opinion now about artists and I try to expose them to all kinds of music,” she said. Look for her sister Emily to also have a young crew in tow. “Since I live here and Emily lives in San Antonio, (ACL Fest) right in our back yard.”

Note: This blog has been updated with new info that ACL Fest will livestream some acts on the second weekend.